Cover reveal for ‘Tried as Silver’

Cover reveal for ‘Tried as Silver’

It’s hard to believe that Tried as Silver, book three of the Emily Alden Trilogy, will be published in less than a month. My designer and I are thrilled to share the cover with you today. You can pre-order the Kindle edition now and it will be delivered to your e-reader on Tuesday, June 14. The paperback will be available to buy on that day. 

Tried As Silver is my third and final novel in the Emily Alden Trilogy about a female violinist who wants to run both her career and family simultaneously in the late nineteenth century. Moving from America to England, Emily faces issues parallel to twenty-first century challenges and finds unique ways of dealing with these universal trials from human history. Alongside a few new faces, historically-based figures from the first two books in the series rally around our protagonist as they support and challenge each other in Tried As Silver’s new setting of London, and the reimagined Royal College of Music. Orchestrating her life and those of the people closest to her becomes Emily’s primary goal as she moves through an unfamiliar time and place, always holding on to the things that steady her—the people she loves and her violin.

Emily Alden Trilogy

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