Books by Sidney S. Stark

Twilight Perspectives: Essays of Life and Death

Twilight Perspectives answers questions about how we repair when trauma messes up the lives we thought were neat and orderly. Suggesting ways to deal with the end we all ultimately face and life’s mysteries that seem unsolvable, this short compilation of essays moves from the initial helplessness and futility of watching someone close deal with an irrevocable death sentence, to become remarkably buoyant and upbeat messages of surviving and thriving. Their all-too-human author offers clues gathered from inside a life’s narrative arc; not only the one being lost, but also the one being found.

Twilight Perspectives is available for purchase on Amazon in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle Edition.


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Certain Liberties

An Emily Alden Story

A Historical Novel

In Certain Liberties, Emily Alden, a passionate young violinist, defies 19th century prejudice against women musicians, only to find there are more serious threats to her personal freedom. Uncomfortable in the mid-1800s New York music scene, Emily moves to Europe and the ante-bellum southern United States in search of the acceptance she craves for her art, her career and herself.


The Gilded Cage

A Historical Novel

A sequel to Certain Liberties, The Gilded Cage rejoins Emily Alden, now married and the mother of two young boys, as she struggles against the societal tenets imposed on women competing in the male-dominated world of the late 1800s. Global economic politics and tensions add to the crushing pressures Emily must survive to excel as a mother, wife and turn-of-the-century female musician, choosing to live for the advancement of her art rather than the protection of her Upper Class social standing.



Mistaken Identities

A Modern Novel with a Classical Twist

A novel of conflict between personal growth and historical memory, Mistaken Identities takes a high-end real estate broker and famous TV star, both at the end of their careers, into new territory where they risk safety to uncover who the really are. Moving together between modern day London and New York, their ancestors’ loves in the 1600’s suggest clues to the current mysteries of their own lives.




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A Memoir

The setting of Gifted! is a New York City on the cusp of WWII and post-war prosperity. Abandoned by parents and siblings, an economically privileged child is saved from an abusive French governess by the courage of her eccentric Edwardian grandmother. Gifted! explores the author’s childhood through her early adolescence with this remarkable grandparent who figuratively and literally saved her life.