Authors and Poets

Difficult to choose . . . but the arts win.

Favorite Classic Authors and Poets

All of these have bibliographies on line that can remind you of what you read in school but didn’t appreciate properly.
1. Mark Twain
2. W. Somerset Maugham
3. Herman Melville
4. Antoine de Saint Exupery
5. Charles Dickens
6. William Shakespeare
7. Robert Frost

Favorite Modern Authors and Poets

Andrew Taylor: Kept; The American Boy; Unpardonable Crime. – Crime and Historical Novelist – Winner of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger. Fantastic writer of historical fiction. Young author, won lots of prizes, keeps you right in the time with styles of language, dress etc.

Thisbe Nissen: Osprey Island – my favorite name for an author. No webpage or blog but lots of connections under Google.

C.J. Sansom: was educated at Birmingham University, where he completed a BA and then a Ph.D. in history. After working a variety of jobs, he went back for his law degree and practiced in Sussex until becoming a full-time writer. Drawing from Graham Greene, John Steinbeck and Joan le Carre, Sansom writes captivating historical mysteries set in Tudor England. The first three books he wrote were nominated for the Dagger Awards (Britain’s prestigious crime writing awards). In 2005 Dark Fire won the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger.

David Liss: perhaps the best young writer today of historical fiction. Find him on

Andre di Robilan: A young Italian educated at Columbia, he now lives in Rome and writes for La Stampa. Find him on Random House, Inc.’s website.

Val McDermid: Winner of the Silver Dagger award in Crime Writing, you can find her at

Marilynne Robinson: Won Pulitzer Prize for Gilead. Consummate wordsmith.

Arnold Steinhardt: Indivisible by Four and Violin Dreams. His blog ‘Fiddler’s Beat’ is on the website for the Guarneri String quartet for whom he played first violin for 50 years. He writes even better then he fiddles, and that’s about as good as it gets!

Sergio Esposito: Passion on the Vine, a memoir of growing up in Italy and America. But it’s about a lot more than wine and mozzarella (which might be enough). This young man can write; and you quickly pick up not only the culture but the significance of the food to relationships and life. I get his newsletter as much to read his wonderful writing as his reviews of his latest Italian wines. He’s the owner of Italian Wine Merchants located at 108 East 16th Street, between Park Avenue South and Irving Place in New York. They have a great blog too.

Kay Ryan: Poet Laureate- Her latest book ‘best of…’ is a wonderful compilation if you’re not familiar with her work.

Anne Lamott: Author of the marvelous memoir/’How to Write’ book Bird by Bird.

Mark Doty:  One of America’s most revered writers and teachers. Latest book The Art of Description: World into Word-

Leave a comment with your favorites so I can give them a try too.