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Coming Soon

IMG_1127Sharp green spears pierce frozen crust

with power of entitlement. I see what they will be.

Clean, strong, graceful color heads, these forceful shoots

are harbingers of what I know is…coming soon.


Cold breath riding on the ether all around, a chorus

of the natural world sings out with shocking joy. First these,

then those, now all at once, the birds astonish winter’s few remaining

bits; icy twigs, snow patched earth, I listen

as the orchestra of winds, competing for their warm-up space,

vibrates with the nervous pleasure of expectancy. I hear

them rest, and then the burst of happiness again

carrying belief that Spring is…coming soon.


And walking down along the quay, a bitter wind across

the water numbing skin that dares to bare above my scarf,

I pass the summer theater, resting, as its roots revitalize in

needed renovation of its aged timber frame. The shadow box

out front is bare and clean, freshly patched and painted, glass

replaced from winter’s wear and tear. No advertisement yet

is there, to tell of plays and dance. Yet painted bold and clear

across the box, a banner all in gold says…“COMING SOON!”


I’m not entitled to excited energy of spring

nor anything revitalized by sleep. I cannot keep

the faith of surety in growth,

nor hope I hear In song. I don’t belong

to that bright future, sure and strong.


One such as me has nothing left to own,

no right to wear a sash across

my chest to say my life is surely…

coming soon.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Pitcoff)

Spring in our Hearts

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