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‘Certain Liberties’ Publication Day

‘Certain Liberties’ Publication Day

Just in time for your summer reading list, Certain Liberties hits shelves today! It is available to buy from and other online book sellers worldwide. It also comes complete with a section dedicated to book club questions!

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement as Emily Alden prepares for her debut performance! You can find the Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. Both are easily accessible from my Amazon author page.


“In this historical novel set in the 19th century, a young woman of uncommon musical talent longs for the freedom that’s typically reserved for men . . . The author masterfully sets the historical stage – the United States as it devolves into the Civil War – and she addresses the issue of slavery with nuance and rigor . . . a riveting storyline. Emily is a delightfully complex mix of defiance and prudence, as she learns early in life that “there’s a very narrow line to negotiate between freedom and responsibility for women.” . . . Stark’s prose is reliably lucid and consistently faithful to the setting . . . An emotionally affecting and historically edifying tale.” – Kirkus Reviews

Selective Sympathy

What a terrible shock it is to find you’re not who you thought you were. Even worse when you learn the discrepancy comes in an area of characteristics you held most dear. Recently I discovered I was not the sympathetic, all-compassionate soul I’d always prided myself on being. I learned in fact that I practice… Continue Reading

Something the Social Worker Said…

Stamina; courage; there are so many words whose meanings I know, until I start to think about them three dimensionally. Then I find there’s much more to them than I ever realized. And just when I need them most, they float around in a taunting limbo. Language astronauts in a weightless environment, they won’t let… Continue Reading