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What Do You Want?

How often I’ve seen the image lodged in my brain. Someone is standing beyond a fork in the road, alone and presumably dismayed, studying the divergent routes. Looking back at the place where the road breaks off to take a completely different trajectory, I can hear the familiar person mutter, ‘but I’d planned to goContinue Reading

The Newness of Risk

“Why am I such a wimp?” one of my friends moaned in despair. “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be that adventurer I used to be?” I listen closely because the question and tone are familiar; often ricocheting around in my own head and through conversations with other people my age. One of thisContinue Reading

He Who Hesitates…

by Sidney S. Stark “You have to be willing to risk everything, protect nothing, and then you’ll lose nothing in the end.” Is this advice from a professional gambler or perhaps a world-class downhill ski racer? It’s not hard to find many other possible authors of the seemingly outrageous counsel but a lot harder toContinue Reading