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Who Says? History; that’s Who!

childrens-artI’ve been getting quite a few comments lately about the ‘Who Says?’ column on the blog. Naturally I wish the people who wrote had included you, the reader, by commenting on the posts instead of directly to me. But let’s face it; I’m going to share their thoughts with you anyway, albeit anonymously, so we’ll all be included in the discussion.

The quotes I highlight in that column are from creative people of all kinds—poets, writers, teachers and philosophers to name but a few, most of whom are famous and familiar, but some who aren’t. I’ve often gotten interesting feedback stating your surprise and pleasure at either rediscovering them, or meeting them for the first time. I know there are also readers who rush to the blog post but skip the ‘Who Says?’ column, feeling it might be a throw-away, a simple offering meant to take up space and balance the look of the opening page on the blog. That was never my intention, which is why I started highlighting it a few months ago in The Unblocked! Writer Newsletter.

Last week, I heard from a few more readers who focused directly on an attribute of the ‘Who Says?’ column I had somehow ignored. When the blog first started almost four years ago, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes with other readers and writers, drawing from a pool of those I’d saved or remembered over time. I would update the quotes and blog posts independently. Then slowly and unconsciously, I started linking the quote to the subject matter of the blog post itself. Maybe that was because I finally ran out of the ready stash of quotes in my journal, but instead of updating whenever I had a quote to share, I went searching through my memory and favorite books and added a new one after I’d finished writing the post for the week. That led to a connection I was oblivious of until a reader pointed it out. It seems my fascination with historical memory had inspired me to look back in time to see how the writers before me addressed the same topics I explore in the blog! It was so obvious that I felt the blush of embarrassment for having missed it myself.

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Character Building

Where do they come from, those fascinating, complex, enigmatic-yet-familiar characters who populate our favorite fiction? Writers are always asked that; by their readers, friends and even other writers. Like much of the art we love most, the answers are as varied as the characters themselves. There’s no right way to bring them to life, and… Continue Reading

Her Choice

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