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by Sidney S. Stark Last week a young musician sent me a link to an article she’d saved from the New York Times. The article my friend sent can be read here in its entirety if you’re interested. It’s called The Young and the Perceptive, and was written by Joseph T. Hallinan for the Op… Continue Reading

Spring in our Hearts

by Sidney S. Stark Whanne that April with his shoures sote (Sweet Rain) The droughte (dryness) of March hath perced (pierced) to the rote (root)… Canterbury Tales. Prologue. Line 1. The prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (above) is familiar to most of us who remember it from our struggles in eighth grade English class.… Continue Reading

New Beginnings

by Sidney S. Stark Is it really true that a new beginning has to herald an end? I used to think it meant a fresh start on a new clean slate. That implied things would be better; that you wouldn’t make the same old mistakes or repeat the same patterns. I always looked forward to… Continue Reading